White Bordailles

White Bordailles


The result of this blending is a crisp dry wine that evokes aromas of figs, flowers, honey and grass. Fresh and appealing, this wine has a delicate light body with many layers of flavour on the palate. Low in acidity with a nice finish.Comparable wines: Bris de Mers and Sauvignon Blanc.


    Comparable Wines: Bris de Mers and Sauvignon Blanc.

    Pairing: Good choice with shellfish, white meats and poultry

    Oak: Light  Body: Light  Aging: 1-3 months

    Available In: Gold Medallion, Premium Elite and Supreme Sterile Juice

  • Purchase includes:

    Winery grade juice kit and in store winery service* 

    Also available to purchase as a take home kit.

    *Winery service - Wine kit, corks, bottle seals and in stock custom labels. We take care of the transferring, stabilizing, filtering and degassing.