Platinum Collection

16L Varietal Limited Reserve

The sophisticated Vintner's cellar Limited Reserve presents a collection of masterfully crafted blends of full bodied red and refreshing white wines.  These exquisite, region specific varietal juices explore an array of old and new world wines that will surely satisfy the palate of any connoisseur. The varieties of this assortment will command fortified intense aromas supported by an oasis of enhanced bouquets and pronounced characters.  Carefully balanced with distinctive flavors, refined acidity and matured tannins, these wines will leave you with a remarkable and memorable finish.

-Reds 16L


1. Cabernet Sauvignon Boomer

2. Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Boomer

3. Shiraz Merlot Boomer

4. Shiraz Boomer


1. Amarone Bolo Bambino

2. Barolo Bolo Bambino

3. Chianti Bolo Bambino

4. Valpolicella Bolo Bambino


1. Cabernet Sauvignon El Solo

2. Carmenere El Solo

3. Franc Sauvignon El Solo

4. Malbec El Solo

5. Pinot Noir El Solo

6. Rio Grande Rojo El Solo


1. Cabernet Sauvignon Old Vine

2.Merlot Old Vine

3. Zinfandel Red Old Vine

-Whites 16L


1. Chardonnay Boomer

2. Sauvignon Blanc Boomer


1. Bianco Di Trapani Bolo Bambino

2. Luna Di Miele Bolo Bambino

3. Pinot Bianco Bolo Bambino


1. Chardonnay El Solo

2. Viognier El Solo

23L Vintner's Select Series 100% Varietal

In a class of their own, the Vintner's Cellar select Series only uses the purest juices from specific regions around the world, producing what will be an award winning vintage. This selection of varietal grape juices set the benchmark in the quality and can be considered as the apex in the community of wine makers. Rich, robust and full bodied wines are sure to leave your taste buds longing for just one more sip. With expectations of perfection, these highly structured wines will provide long lasting flavors and aeromatic bouquets that will enhance any ambiance.  Commitment to aging will be an investment well rewarded.


-Reds 23L

1. Amarone Classico Italian

2. Cabernet Shiraz Chilean

3. Carmenere Italian

4. Grand Barolo Italian

5. Merlot chilean

6. Rojo Grande Chilean

7. Shiraz Chilean

-Whites 23L

1. Chardonnay Chilean

2. Pinot Grigio Italian

3. Sauvignon Blanc Chilean

4. Semillon Chardonnay Chilean

23L Grapeskins Collection

These carefully selected juices and juice varietals have been paired up with the highest quality of unspent grape skins producing wines of unmeasurable quality. choosing from an exquisite variety of beautifully selected grape juices, each type is accompanied by 4 kg of perfectly picked grapes which boasts an intense level of character and freshness.  In raising the standards of EXCELLENCE, this collection of deeply colored and complex aromatic wines will be the showcase and treasure of any vintner's wine cellar.



16L Premium

16L Varietal

1. Cabernet Merlot

2. Cabernet Syrah

3. Chateau Rouge

4. Shiraz Merlot

1. Amarone Italian

2. Barolo Italian

3. Cabernet Sauvignon Washington State

4. Malbec Chilean

5. Merlot Old Vine Lodi California

6. Syrah Washington State

23L Supreme

23L Varietal

1. Amarone

2. Barolo

3. Montepuliciano/Merlot

4. Shiraz

1. Cabernet Sauvignon Washington State

2. Merlot Lodi California

3. Syrah Washington State