Fruit Wines


Blueberry Bergamais

Bergamais is a supple delicate fruity red wine. With added undertones of plump wild blueberries it becomes a refreshing, full flavored wine, best consumed young. A sour but sweet finish of blueberries lingers in the mouth leaving you wanting more.

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Green Apple Riesling

This refreshing energetic blend of Riesling and natural green apple makes this wine a crisp, dry smooth white wine just for enjoying on its own or for that perfect occasion.


Strawberry Zinfandel

A delightfully refreshing blush wine glowing with soft pink hues made from Zinfandel and fresh strawberries. This beautiful social wine is complex and medium-bodied leaving a long lasting strawberry finish on the palate.

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Pink Grapefruit Blush

Delightful, tangy and a tasty combination of fresh citrus pink grapefruit flavor makes this blush wine perfect for a summer picnic. The subtle tartness leaves a light and refreshing sparkle on the palate.

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Black Cherry Pinot Noir

A subtle Pinot Noir blended with luscious black cherries. A silky mouth feel, medium-bodied explosion of deep rich cherries leaving a pleasant, lingering finish on the palate. Serve as a social wine or with desserts.


Blackberry Merlot

Round-bodied Merlot, medium to dark red. Distinct lush velvety tannins with intense plum and blackberry fruit. A smooth mellow wine enjoyed by all.

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Tropical Fruit Chardonnay

This carefully blended tropical fruity delight makes this Chardonnay a dry, full-bodied wine. Crisp and clean, wonderfully pleasant and refreshing on the palate. Perfect for sipping alone on a beautiful summer day.


Raspberry Merlot

Rich, medium-bodied blend of Merlot bursting with luscious rich raspberry flavors and aromas. Deep, soft round ripe tannins do not get in the way of pure pleasure when drinking this wine which can be served on a cold winter night accompanied by a rich chocolate dish.


Apricot Riesling

A bouquet of lilies and orange flowers with apricot overtones make this a fresh, intense semi-dry Riesling with added apricot flavors. Medium-bodied with a balanced finish. Serve as a social wine together with fine conversation.


Pear Riesling

Riesling is one of the most aromatic grape varieties in the world. This highly aromatic Pear Riesling wine is thoroughly refreshing with delicate floral undertones which pleasantly fill the mouth and refresh the palate on a warm summer day.


Pomegranate Pinot Grigio

This crisp white wine balanced with rich earthy pomegranates leaps out of the glass. Firm acidity from the Pinot Grigio gives it mouthwatering juiciness and a refreshing finish. A perfect aperitif/cocktail for priming the palate for food.


Kiwi Riesling

A classic firm Riesling grape varietal, this luscious semi-dry wine shows notes of kiwi with a very subtle and delicate nose. Light and refreshing, it's a perfect way to relax at the end of the day.


Blackcurrant Merlot

This dry, medium-bodied red wine combines Merlot's soft, subtle nature with intense black currant and a burst of fruit flavors creating an easy drinking, anytime wine. This is a nice wine to enjoy with all types of food.


Wildberry Shiraz

Shiraz is a powerful and deeply satisfying red grape variety with its smoky fruit flavors and firm tannins. Matched up with ripe, intense, concentrate wildberry and a blend of field berries, this exquisite balance of refreshing fruit and acidity will have you at the bottom of your glass before you know it.


Peach Chardonnay

Delicately flavored, very dry, medium bodied Chardonnay with subtle and delicate layers of pure mid-summer peach flavor, leaving a crisp, clean and refreshing light citrus finish on the palate. Makes a great dinner wine.


Cranberry Shiraz

A beautifully refreshing and clean wine. The smooth velvety richness of Shiraz is perfectly blended with crisp fresh cranberries. The perfect choice for any occasion.


Coconut Sauvignon Blanc

Blended and infused with coconut flavor, this beautifully refreshing wine offers a smooth taste that will remind you of the tropics. A delightful wine enjoyed by the pool on a hot summer's day.


Raspberry Zinfandel

This refreshing wine comes from a beautiful red grape which produces strong flavors. When blended with the aromas and strong tannins of raspberry, the finished product is a pleasant taste on the palate perfect for any warm summer night.


Tangerine Sauvignon Blanc

The citric freshness and aromatic depth are strong on the palate with this beautifully fruit infused sweet tangerine Sauvignon Blanc. A zesty and refreshing crisp wine from start to finish.